September  27, 2014
    The Nov-Dec 2014 issue of Fanfare has three glowing reviews of Great Wonder,
    our debut CD! The online issue is live for subscribers; print version will come later.

    August 15, 2014
    Amazon is now selling physical discs of Great Wonder; click here to order!
    Also, the Quill Classics website is now up and running. Check it out!

    July 20, 2014
    Amazon is selling downloads of our CD (complete or individual tracks); click here!

    June 1, 2014
    Our debut CD is coming soon! Should be out by the end of this month. Check
    it out here!

    November 9, 2013
    Our latest video, from our Berlin concert last month, has been posted: Dowland’s
    Can She Excuse.Find it here.

    June 28, 2013
    Check out our latest video—Danyel’s “Like as the Lute,” from our BEMF
    fringe concert—here.

    June 16, 2013
    Had a fantastic time at our BEMF debut last Tuesday. Thanks to all who
    made it such a special event for us. Videos to come.

    April 23, 2013
    New Well-Tuned Words video: Dowland’s “Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part”
    performed live at our GEMS Midtown Concert on April 18. Check it out here.

    April 3, 2013
    Special thanks to the New York Continuo Collective for their kind words about our
    upcoming Midtown Concert at St. Peter’s on Thursday, April 18, at 1:15 PM. Check
    our Calendar page for details.

    February 28, 2013
    Finished our recording sessions for our debut CD, Great Wonder, on Sunday.
    Jubilation all around! Look for it this summer.

    February 1, 2013
    Erik’s new video of Francesco da Milano’s Fantasia (Ness 30) is up on the
    Quill Classics YouTube channel. Check it out here.

    January 10, 2013
    Amanda sings on the latest recording by Etherea Vocal Ensemble, Hymn to
    the Dawn. More info here.

    December 4, 2012
    Many thanks to the enthusiastic spill-over audience who attended the Morris-Jumel
    concert last Saturday!

    November 25, 2012
    WTW joins Brooklyn Baroque and bass-baritone Jonathan Woody for the
    annual Holiday Concert at the Morris-Jumel Mansion on Saturday, December 1,
    at 4:00 PM. The following Saturday, December 8, at 7:30 PM, Amanda will be
    a soloist in the Cathedral Christmas Concert at St. John the Divine.

    November 17, 2012
    New WTW live videos on the Quill Classics YouTube channel: Nicholas Lanier’s
    continuo song Love’s Constancy” (from our recital at the Sforza Castle in Milan)
    and John Dowland’s “Wilt Thou, Unkind, Thus Reave Me” (in the Grand Salon
    of the American University of Paris).

    November 14, 2012
    Back from our wonderful European tour with new pictures and videos, so check
    out our gallery and videos pages. Thanks to all who helped make this three-city
    tour such a fantastic experience!

    October 21, 2012
    Many thanks to Sandy and Ann for being the perfect hosts yesterday for
    our house concert in their beautiful home, and to the lovely audience they

    October 18, 2012
    Just posted our latest video—of Purcell's serene “An Evening Hymn”—which marks
    the first collaboration between Well-Tuned Words and Brooklyn Baroque. This was
    also the first time Erik and his wife, Rebecca, performed in a concert together!

    October 15, 2012
    Many thanks to Michael Fontana and the wonderful audience at Good Shepherd
    for the enthusiastic ovation last night! We all had a great time.

    October 11, 2012
    Final rehearsal tonight for our concert with Brooklyn Baroque at Good Shepherd
    this Sunday. And we’re pumped about our upcoming European tour, starting
    Oct. 26, with concerts in Milan, Paris, and Amsterdam. (Rebecca will also travel
    to Rome and Bologna—poor thing—for harpsichord duets with Elaine Funaro.)
    A busy few weeks, but somehow I think we’ll enjoy our time abroad!

    October 9, 2012
    WTW joined Rebecca Pechefsky on Sunday for the installation of Pastor Curtis
    Dorsey at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Glendale, Queens. This Sunday, Oct. 14,
    WTW joins Rebecca and Brooklyn Baroque for a 6:00 recital at Good Shepherd
    Catholic Church in Marine Park, Brooklyn.

    September 4, 2012
    Amanda will be the featured vocalist for a recital tour by The Soul’s Delight,
    starting September 21. Details on the schedule page of her website.

    August 18, 2012
    On Friday, October 26, Well-Tuned Words will make its European debut at the
    Sforza Castle in Milan, Italy! Rebecca Pechefsky will join WTW, playing on
    one of the historic instruments in the Sforza collection.

    July 28, 2012
    Just announced: Amanda will be a soloist in the Christmas Concert at the
    Cathedral of St. John the Divine on Saturday, December 8, 2012, at 7:30 PM.

    June 21, 2012
    Just posted a video from our West Coast debut: John Dowland’s sublime
    “Go, Crystal Tears,"  performed at our Berkeley Festival fringe concert.

    June 20, 2012
    Berkeley was a blast. Thanks to all who came to our recital—there was a lot
    of competition! Planning the 2012–13 season, including our European debut.

    May 29, 2012
    Just posted a new video of Campion’s frisson-inducing song “Shall I Come,
    Sweet Love, to Thee,” a live performance from our NYC debut at the
    Morris-Jumel Mansion.

    April 22, 2012
    We had a wonderful NYC debut concert yesterday in the beautiful 18th-century
    Octagon Room at the Morris-Jumel Mansion. Thanks to Ken Moss and the rest of
    the Morris-Jumel staff, and thanks to all who attended, one from as far away as

    April 19, 2012
    WTW makes its NYC debut on Saturday, April 21, at 4:00 at the Morris-Jumel
    Mansion. Check our Calendar page for details. Thanks to Daryl at Taylor
    House for the delightful reception last Friday!

    March 1, 2012
    WTW makes its Boston debut at Taylor House on April 13. Check our Calendar
    page for details.

    February 8, 2012
    WTW will perform a fringe concert at the Berkeley Festival on June 7. Check
    our Calendar page for details.

    February 3, 2012
    Just posted our new video of Dowland’s exquisite songAwake, Sweet Love.”

    January 22, 2012
    Working on a new video—Dowland this time. Stay tuned.

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