Amanda Sidebottom • Erik Ryding

    John Danyel: He Whose Desires

    John Dowland: Awake, Sweet Love

    John Dowland: Go, Crystal Tears

    Henry Purcell: An Evening Hymn
    (WTW and Brooklyn Baroque)

    John Dowland: Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part

    Nicholas Lanier: Love’s Constancy

    John Dowland: Wilt Thou, Unkind, Thus Reave Me

    Francesco da Milano: Fantasia (Ness 30)

    John Danyel: Like as the Lute

          John Dowland: Can She Excuse

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Our first video, from John Danyel’s
single book of songs (1606), one
of the great collections of the
English Renaissance. The
anonymous text may be by the
composer’s brother, Samuel
Daniel, a leading author of the day
From John Dowland’s First Book of
Songs or Ayres (1597), a
pioneering collection that served
as a model for English songwriters
for years to come. “Awake, Sweet
Love” is one of the many
extraordinary songs in that justly
admired songbook.
“Go, Crystal Tears” is another gem
from John Dowland’s First Book of
Songs or Ayres (1597), here
performed live at a fringe concert at
the Berkeley Festival on June 7,
From the first collaboration
between WTW and Brooklyn
Baroque. Here we perform a
special arrangement of Henry
Purcell’s exquisite “Evening Hymn”
in a live performance at Good
Shepherd Catholic Church in
Marine Park, Brooklyn, October
14, 2012.
Nicholas Lanier’s famous continuo
song “Love’s Constancy,” with
lyrics by Thomas Carew. Live
performance from our European
debut at the Sforza Castle in Milan,
October 26, 2012.
Another hit from Dowland’s 1597
collection; live performance from
our concert in the Grand Salon of
the American University of Paris,
October 29, 2012.
Erik plays one of his favorite works
by Francesco da Milano, the great
Italian master of the early sixteenth
Dowland’s wistful song of leave-
taking, “Now, O Now, I Needs Must
Part” (also known in its
instrumental form, The Frog
Galliard), performed at a GEMS
Midtown Concert in New York City
on April 18, 2013.
From John Danyel’s one Book of
Songs (1606), with a text by his
brother, Samuel Daniel, which
originally appeared in Daniel’s
sonnet sequence
Delia (1592).
The extraordinary song abounds in
expressive word painting.
Recorded live, Boston Early Music
Festival fringe concert, June 11,
From John Dowland’s First Book of
Songs or Ayres (1597), performed
at the Luisenkirche in Berlin,
October 22, 2013. The piece was
also popular in its instrumental
guise as The Earl of Essex’s
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